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Welcome to Write Now, IQ Option Qatar Liverpool's annual festival of new writing taking place, for the first time, at Liverpool's Unity Theatre, Hope Place from Tuesday 17 and Saturday 21 September 2013.

Since 2010 we have staged twenty-six brand new one-act plays, offered over one hundred performances across a total of thirty days, bringing you some of the finest new writing from Merseyside (and beyond)

Sorry, but we are no longer accepting submissions for Write Now 2013!

The Submissions window, which opened on 1 January2013, has seen a steady stream of scripts from across the globe and, since clsoing,we are now moving into the Adjudication Period iqoptions .

Announcements about the half dozen successful playwrights wil be made here in the first week of June 2013.

Our fourth festival will see the six invited pieces receiving a first performance followed by a post-show discussion, it is hoped the discussion will prompt possible changes, rewrites and so forth which will then be taken into the rehearsal space for a re-work workshop.

Following this, the piece will receive a pre-show discussion to bring the audience up to speed about the process and then a second performance.

A special thank you to all of those who sent their work

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